Dear IGGI Community:

We want to thank you sincerely for your generous donations in support of IGGI’s research and educational efforts to advance good government and democratic inclusion.

Your donations this year funded a recently completed survey of Asian Americans with measures evaluating reports of sexual harassment and explanatory factors for under-reports. Is it true that Asian American females underreport sexual harassment and if so, to what extent? In previous analyses, IGGI demonstrated consistency across survey data reflecting lower rates of reporting sexual misconduct victimization among Asian American females.

A failure to interpret group disparities as underreporting among affected groups will lead to an inability to recognize significant problems and/or a misallocation of needed resources. Furthermore, relying on estimates that underestimate sexual victimization of Asian Americans fortifies the Model Minority Myth, which stereotypes Asian Americans as not facing the same problems as other minority groups. This project is timely and consequential.

Although many of us were disappointed by the cancellation of our in-person, annual 2020 WPSA meeting, scheduling is moving forward for an APSA meeting in San Francisco, CA from September 10-13. If you can, come to a scheduled panel on “Multiple Perspectives on Asian Pacific American Politics,” which will take place on September 12, 4:00 to 5:30pm (San Francisco hotel and room TBA). IGGI’s Dr. Loan Le will present some analyses of survey results during that panel. See below for more details.

Multiple Perspectives on Asian Pacific American Politics
Panel at the annual meeting of the American Political Science Association

Sat, September 12, 4:00 to 5:30pm in San Francisco (Location TBA)
Session Description
"This panel includes four interesting papers that cover a wide range of issues salient to Asian Pacific Americans. Specifically, two papers discuss Asian American identities from different perspectives— how Asian Americans manage multiple identities, and how Asian American and Latino political candidates appeal to voters. The panel also includes a paper on an important issue to women—the possible underreporting of sexual harassment among Asian Americans. Furthermore, the last paper examines the role of racial microaggressions and discriminations on Asian American identity attachment and political behavior."

American ID as an Ethnic ID for Minorities?: Asian American Identity Formation by Jessica HyunJeong Lee, UCLA

Representation Through Identity Appeals by Chinbo Chong, Princeton University

Patterns in Agency Reporting of Sexual Harassment Among Asian Americans by Loan K. Le, Institute for Good Government and Inclusion

Your English is So Good! Discrimination and Microaggressions in Asian America by Vivien Leung, UCLA

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