Dear IGGI Community,

Warmest wishes for a Happy New Year 2024!

Looking back on 2023, we welcomed several internship cohorts, each of whom tackled CA politics and public policy with aplomb. These impressive young scholars of public policy and social justice demonstrate the leadership and direction that our state and nation need as we continue to face challenges to democracy and the rule of law, opposite corrupt, ignorant, and/or anti-democratic actors operating in today’s political world. Unfortunately, the actions of bad actors affect not only public policy in the abstract but rather how, for example, freedom takes shape in the diurnal lives of Americans (we must not take freedom and democracy for granted, as these are only protected when we entrust our public resources to deserving actors who place the interests of good government above their own).

Today more than ever, we must facilitate the education and critical thinking of tomorrow’s leaders and prepare each leader by asking them to be unwavering in serving the rule of law, respect for persons, transparency in government, and democratic inclusion (key components of ideals in American democracy). As Americans, we must more effectively use our power at the ballot box and other democratic practices to bolster the work of electeds and public servants who support good government; and we must decline to support those who waver.

In our opinion, the sort of work accomplished by interns and by IGGI during these ten-week internships is sacred to democracy, so the transition from 2023 to 2024 proceeds with hope and a promise that our good work will continue to advance good government and democratic inclusion. Congratulations to everyone for a year of accomplishment!

Best wishes,

Dr. Loan Le and the IGGI Family

p.s. If you believe in our work, please donate ( We could certainly use your support to continue providing internship opportunities as well as other research and educational efforts. Happy New Year!




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