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Call for Proposals on the WPSA Mini-Conference on Asian Pacific American Politics (Deadline Friday, 10/09/20):

The Asian and Pacific Islander American Caucus (APAC) invites you to submit a proposal for the 2021 mini-conference on Asian Pacific American Politics, which will be held on Friday, April 2, during the annual meeting of the Western Political Science Association,  April 1-3, 2020 in Seattle, WA. We welcome all papers about Asian and Pacific Islander American politics. We encourage especially papers on the challenges of COVID-19 on Asian American and Pacific Islander Communities and Asian American mobilization around the 2020 election. We also encourage multi-method papers that innovate on how to study Asian American issues for which data are particularly scarce.

This year’s WPSA conference theme is focused on “Populism, Nativism, Democratic Backsliding, and Pandemic Politics,” which is particularly appropriate for the study of Asian Pacific Americans as the November 2020 presidential election approaches and as we stand against the racism and discrimination that erupted after COVID-19 emerged. Times are changing but we still face enduring issues: Asian Americans confront the model minority myth of school and economic success while remaining marginalized in politics, media representation, equal protection, and many other forms of democratic inclusion. We invite proposals that interrogate the lived experiences of Asian Pacific Americans, both for scholarship that fits within historical conceptualizations of race, ethnicity, and immigrant politics as well as scholarship that focuses on contemporary or current issues.

When you submit your proposal to WPSA online, please carefully scroll through the panel options and select the Mini-Conference on Asian Pacific Americans (usually located near the bottom). In addition, if you would like to participate but need a bit more time to develop a proposal, we encourage you to contact us at this point and let us know. Write to Dr. Loan K. Le at [email protected].

Please visit the Asian Pacific American Caucus website to find out more and the WPSA website to donate to the fund for Asian Pacific Americans.


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