The Institute for Good Government and Inclusion — a non-partisan and non-profit domestic public policy think tank — provides clear, informed and trustworthy analysis on matters of significant controversy in the United States.


A glaring need exists for independent, expert analysis on issues that affect the fundamental rights of Americans. With (1) many unvetted information sources on the Internet, (2) social scientists who are reluctant to tackle questions of ethics in controversial issues (we are academic PhDs), and (3) a mainstream media with agenda-setting powers but a frequent reluctance to engage key issues — many people do not know where to go for reliable information.


RESPECT FOR PERSONS: Human beings must respect one another’s wishes regarding the integrity of their own and other persons. Research investigations with human subjects must be conducted with the informed consent of the subjects, especially when there is any risk posed to a given subject. Outside of human subjects experiments, respect for persons means, for example, that humans have rights to due process before being indefinitely detained, executed or otherwise having their rights limited by a government actor or any other actor. Additionally, IGGI does not support the use of violence for any purpose.

TRANSPARENCY IN GOVERNMENT: All government records (with limited exceptions) are “the people’s business” (consistent with the Freedom of Information Act and state “sunshine” laws). These records provide vital information for agency accountability.

RULE OF LAW: Laws apply to all Americans, regardless of class, race, ethnicity, gender, official position or any other social status. Put another way, not even the powerful are above an impartial application of the rule of law.

DEMOCRATIC INCLUSION: All Americans regardless of age, gender, race, nationality, class, religion, sexual orientation or other protected categories have the same rights to exercise free speech and participate in democratic governance and decision-making. Furthermore, no individual who dissents peacefully or reports wrongdoing in good conscience should be subjected to retaliation. That is, individuals from all groups have rights to equal protection and whistleblowers must not be excluded from norms and legal protections inherent to democratic inclusion.

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