Dear APAC/WPSA APIA Mini-Conference Community:

Following up on the WPSA’s recent announcement to all members (, let me write to affirm that we will be canceling the Mini-Conference on APIA politics this year. What I see is that faculty and staff are scrambling to get their courses online (and many have never held online courses, so it’s an enormous undertaking done well) and to take care of their families when schools/activities/resources have shut down, so after discussion with others, we made the choice not to hold our mini-conference.

If some of you are interested in participating in the optional online conference to be held May 21-23, 2020, I think there may be an opportunity to re-organize within the main WPSA online conference. WPSA is expected to issue guidance on how to participate in the virtual conference. You can participate in the 2020 online conference for no additional fee regardless of how you decide to allocate your conference registration fees. Participation in the online conference is entirely up to you; either decision works out fine for APAC.

Some people have been able to support WPSA by donating their registration fees (this is wonderful if you can allocate for that, although we also recognize that it may be a difficult time financially for association members).

Stay safe and well everyone.

Best wishes,
Dr. Loan Le (March 25, 2020)

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