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Please see below for the latest schedule regarding the Asian and Pacific Islander American Mini-Conference at the Western Political Science Association to be held on Friday, April 2, 2021. This year’s in-person meeting has been canceled and the meeting will be held via an online format only. People who would like to register for the conference are welcome to join us on for the online panels, roundtables and other meetings.

WPSA APAC Mini-Conference Schedule (updated March 29,2021)

Panel :

30.1 -Evaluating the Limits of Asian American Political Identity

Format :online
Date :Friday, April 02, 08:00AM – 09:45AM
Chair(s) :Geron, Kim, [email protected], California State University Eastbay
Papers :Are We There Yet? Exploring Local Political Incorporation of Asian Americans in California
Lien, Pei-te, [email protected], University of California, Santa Barbara
Filler, Nicole, [email protected], Highline College
Gonzales, Francesa, [email protected], Institutional Affiliation
Asian American Mobilization: The Effect of Co-Ethnic Candidates on Asian American Turnout
Sadhwani, Sara, [email protected], Pomona College
One of our own? Why Asian American candidates cannot count on Asian voters
Lu, Fan, [email protected], Institutional Affiliation
Discussant(s):Arora, Maneesh – [email protected], Wellesley College


Panel :

30.2 -Mobilizing Asian America: Civic Education and Political Activism

Format :online
Date :Friday, April 02, 10:00AM – 11:45AM
Chair(s) :Raychaudhuri, Tanika, [email protected], Princeton University
Papers :Welcoming Asian Americans to the Party: The Benefits of Civic Education on the Acquisition of Partisanship
Chan, Nathan, [email protected], The University of California, Irvine
Hoyt, Benjamin, [email protected], Institutional Affiliation
Explanatory Factors for Underreports of Sexual Harassment Among Asian American Women
Le, Loan, [email protected], Institute for Good Government & Inclusion
Discussant(s):Chong, Chinbo – [email protected], University of Michigan

Panel :

30.3 -WPSA-APASC and APAC Business Meeting

Format :online
Date :Friday, April 02, 12:00PM – 01:00PM
Chair(s) :Phan, Ngoc, [email protected] , Hawai’i Pacific University

Panel :

30.4 -Historical and Contemporary Perspectives on Anti-Asian Attitudes and Behavior

Format :online
Date :Friday, April 02, 01:15PM – 03:00PM
Chair(s) :Lai, James, [email protected], Santa Clara University
Papers :Anti-Asian Racism: Political Causes and Consequences
Kim, D.G., [email protected], University of California, San Diego
Racial Formation and Pandemic: Examining the Shifts in Asian American Racial Identity During the COVID-19 Outbreak
Masuoka, Natalie, [email protected], University of California, Los Angeles
Leung, Vivien, [email protected], University of California – Los Angeles
Improvising ‘Nonexistent Rights’: Immigrants, Ethnic Restaurants, and Corporeal Citizenship in Suburban California
Lee, Charles, [email protected], Arizona State University
Discussant(s):Aoki, Andrew – [email protected], Augsburg University

Panel :

30.5 -Roundtable: Introducing Asian Pacific American Politics: ”Celebrating the Legacy of Don T. Nakanishi”

Format :online
Date :Friday, April 02, 03:15PM – 05:00PM
Chair(s) :Aoki, Andrew, [email protected], Augsburg University
Lien, Pei-te, [email protected], University of California, Santa Barbara
Papers :
Discussant(s):Daus, Gem – [email protected], University of Maryland
Lee, Charles – [email protected], Arizona State University
Phillips, Christian – [email protected], USC
Raychaudhuri, Tanika – [email protected], Princeton University
Watanabe, Paul – [email protected], University of Massachusetts Boston
de Leon, Erwin – [email protected], Columbia University

Image Source: WPSA 2021 Annual Meeting image from WPSA Western Political Science Association ( (access date March 2, 2021)


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