Dear IGGI Community,

Please accept our well wishes for a wonderful 2021. To good government and democratic inclusion from January 1, 2021 onward. Current projects include research and education on 1) sexual harassment of and violence against Asian American women (and marginalization as reflected in underreports of violence),  as well as 2) curricula recommendations for teaching about historic and ongoing inequalities affecting black lives and the rule of law across the country, and 3) the launch of dedicated projects on a variety of issues regarding the social, political and economic impact of COVID-19.

Please consider donating to IGGI at the start of the New Year. As you know, small and independent nonprofits form the backbone of our civil society. IGGI is one of these and your contribution will make a significant different in our research and education efforts.

Donate here to support IGGI. 

Happy New Year, everyone!

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