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This holiday season, consider donating to IGGI.

When you turn on the television or read the news, do you feel good about the status of Americans’ rights or do you question whether service to and love of country first (e.g., true patriotism) has given way to greed, corruption and false reporting of facts and poor analysis among some of our elite or others who should be our trusted speakers?

The need for rigorous research into controversial issues undergirding the rule of law, respect for persons, transparency in government and democratic inclusion has never been greater.

Here at IGGI, we don’t talk out of both sides of our mouth. We don’t whitewash. Nor are we driven by partisanship. We don’t focus on easy issues.

Our 501(c)(3) is dedicated to remaining unbought by special interests and courageous when tackling even the toughest issues. We need your help to grow!

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Thanks for another great year!

Dr. Loan Le, President of IGGI

Image Source: IGGI (c) 2018

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