IGGI would like to take a moment to celebrate a new fund — The Fund for Asian Pacific Americans — established for the Asian Pacific American Caucus (APAC) through the Western Political Science Association (WPSA). If you would consider donating to APAC, your funds would go to a good cause. See below for the public announcement:

Dear Friends and Colleagues: 

We are so pleased to announce the launch of a new Western Political Science Association (WPSA) fund for Asian Pacific Americans. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation today. See details below:

The Fund for Asian Pacific Americans


The Fund for Asian Pacific Americans will be used to support Asian Pacific American Caucus (APAC) research and education efforts broadly, to serve as awards for scholarship and service, and to subsidize meetings, events and publicity.

About APAC

The Asian Pacific American Caucus (APAC) is a conference group of individuals who meet annually during professional meetings. Membership is free and open to all who share an interest in the teaching and learning of Asian Pacific American political affairs and community-based activism. Our members are typically affiliated with colleges and universities as faculty, staff, or graduate/undergraduate students. We also welcome partnership with community activists and organizational leaders.  

The APAC was co-founded in 1999 by Professors Andrew Aoki and Pei-te Lien as a related group of the American Political Science Association(APSA) that has a close relationship to the Race, Ethnicity, and Politics Section of the APSA. Starting in 2012, with the preparation and founding of the WPSA Committee on the Status of Asian Pacific Americans in the Profession, we have held a mini-conference on APA politics during WPSA meetings.

For more information on APAC, please feel free to visit our website at http://www.apa-politics.org/

Giving Thanks 

We owe many thanks for the opportunity for continued growth of APAC through the establishment of this fund. Thank you to Richard Clucas and Elsa Favila of WPSA for their leadership here and more generally, for making the WPSA APA mini-conference a welcomed, well-organized and fulfilling event.  And we are indebted to the many scholars, activists, and colleagues for your key and steadfast support for APAC and as partners in promoting the studying, teaching, and empowerment of Asian American communities across the nation and beyond.

We would also like to remind people of the WPSA Don T. Nakanishi Award for Distinguished Scholarship and Service in Asian Pacific American Politics, which is an annual award that recognizes outstanding scholarship or service advancing the understanding or practice of Asian Pacific American politics.  The recipient will be someone who has made a significant contribution to the understanding of Asian Pacific American politics (scholarship that examines more than one ethnoracial group is also eligible), or whose professional work has made a substantial contribution to the practice of Asian Pacific American politics.

With many thanks for your generous support,

Loan and Oki (Co-Chairs of APAC)

Co-Chair Dr. Loan Le

Co-Chair of Dr. Oki Takeda

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