Dear IGGI Community:

Thank you for your generous support of IGGI with time, good fellow feeling and donations. To update, we now have three alternatives for donating to IGGI:

Donate Now, Amazon Smile, & Giving Assistant

OPTION 1: The first is our traditional "Donate Now" alternative where supporters send us money via PayPal.


Option 2: Amazon Smile. Type for Amazon's charity site. Click "Supporting" and type "Institute for Good Government and Inclusion" in the search box for nonprofit or 501(c)(3) groups. Shop as normal and Amazon will donate 1/2 percent of your purchase to IGGI. (Note that if you are shopping on your mobile device, you should install the Amazon Smile application for charities and shop as normal.) Use the Amazon Smile site or application every time you shop and remember that it is distinct from the normal Amazon site on entry but offers the same shopping experience.


OPTION 3: Some supporters have provided donations to IGGI through Giving Assistant, a potentially high impact rewards program for online shoppers at over 1500 retailers (e.g., Target and more) that allows you to channel your rewards to nonprofits of your choice. See below for brief but good instructions with screenshots.

Charity Shopping

Great deals. Good deeds.

Use Giving Assistant to save money and support Institute for Good Government and Inclusion

How about signing up for Giving Assistant and giving up to 30% of that purchase price to Institute for Good Government and Inclusion for free? Just sign up and get to shopping at Home Depot and Lowe’s!


Below, we provide detailed instructions for Giving Assistant.

1) Visit Then, click on “Get the Button.” Follow instructions to add the Giving Assistant extension to the browser of your choice (Firefox, Chrome or Safari are compatible with this button).


2) Once installed, click the Giving Assistant button  to the right of your URL bar and select “Giving.” In the search box, type “Institute for Good Government and Inclusion.”


3) Slide the donation bar to 100% (or however much you would like to donate to IGGI from cash back).


4) Choose how you would like your cash rebate to be processed: PayPal or eCheck


5) Once the Giving Assistant button is added and you have selected your nonprofit, visit a shopping website of your choice (i.e., Target or another supported retail site). Once there (e.g.,, you should see the Giving Assistant extension to the right of your URL bar. Click the Giving Assistant button and then click Activate (no need to leave the target site). Shop as normal.


6) Your cash rebate will show up in your account under “Pending Earnings” in 1-2 days. See below for Giving Assistant instructions in brief (earnings are described in the final step).


Thank you for your generous support of our work!!!

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