IGGI is continuing its work on sexual harassment, stalking and violence against women on college campuses. Dr. Le will present research findings from this project at a conference in October of 2017.

The acquisition of timely, detailed, and systematic data with rigorous sampling for appropriate statistical analysis at the national level is a challenging if not impossible task. Nevertheless, since sexual misconduct has been widely reported in the media, some public data are readily available for analysis. The dataset for this analysis is comprised of the 113 cases of alleged sexual misconduct at the UC, which are referred to in an article titled, “Sexual harassment: records show how University of California faculty target students.” The records already have been released to The Guardian and other media outlets. See this link for an excerpt: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/mar/08/sexual-harassment-university-california-faculty-target-students

IGGI’s work will contribute to our understandings of patterns and practices of discrimination and failures to protect in a world where we have made substantial gains with regard to women’s rights but still have a long way to go. Outside of a concrete analysis of specific cases where sexual misconduct allegations were judged as well-founded, IGGI’s analysis will provide insight into expectations based on existing scholarship of the likely impact of these failures on the lives of women (our mothers, sisters, friends, and colleagues) in the short and long term. We expect that the results of this analysis will aid not only the University of CA but also other colleges and universities (as the primary institutions for educating our nation’s youth) as they continue to develop┬ábest practices for combatting violence against women.

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