Due to Covid-19 precautions, the Miniconference has been canceled. See announcement here https://thinkiggi.com/wpsa-2020-apia-mini-conference-cancelled/

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Dear IGGI Community,

Presidential election politics and debates this year underscore a striking upsurge in prominence for Asian American candidates and for issues about which the Asian American community has traditionally maintained relative silence. For example, Democratic Presidential candidate Andrew Yang’s run and (his wife) Evelyn Yang’s disclosure about sexual assault [1] broke multiple barriers to Asian American meaningful inclusion in American political and social development. With each prominent disclosure, our electeds in Washington DC hopefully understand that including Asian American voices as well as working to achieve equal protection for women should be prominent on the public policy agenda.

Beyond the media, rigorous scholarship on Asian American social and political life attempts to evaluate empirical patterns in key developments as they unfold. As the organizer for the Asian Pacific American Politics Miniconference — “a conference within a conference” or part of the 2020 Western Political Science Association’s annual meeting in Los Angeles, CA — let me (Dr. Loan Le) write to invite you to any of our panel events for that day. The conference will be held at the J.W. Marriott L.A. Live Hotel and attendees should register in advance or on site (http://wpsanet.org/meeting/).

Join us for an exciting day of cutting-edge research on Asian American and Pacific Islander politics on April 10, 2020!

Here is a preview highlighting scheduled panels for Friday, April 10, 2020:

Panel :30.1 -Inequality and the Role of Belonging in Asian American Political Incorporation
Date :Friday, April 10, 08:00AM – 09:45AM
Papers :Political Inequality in the Digital World: The Paradox of Asian American Online Political Participation
Chan, Nathan, [email protected], University of California, Irvine
Social Class and Asian American Politics: Are the Wealthy More Republican?
Penumaka, Evangel, [email protected], University of California, Los Angeles
Masuoka, Natalie, [email protected], University of California, Los Angeles
Improvising “Nonexistent Rights”: Immigrants, Ethnic Restaurants, and Corporeal Citizenship in Suburban California
Lee, Charles, [email protected], Arizona State University
Devotion to Church, Dedication to Country? the role of belief and belonging in Asian immigrant and citizen political participation
Silva, Andrea, [email protected], University of North Texas
Huckle, Kiku, [email protected], Pace University


Panel :30.2 -Mobilizing Asian America: Coethnic Candidates, Feminism and Social Movements
Date :Friday, April 10, 10:00AM – 11:45AM
Papers :The Limited Role of Asian America in #MeToo: A Media Analysis of News Reports
Le, Loan, [email protected], Institute for Good Government and Inclusion (IGGI)
One of our own? Why Asian American candidates cannot count on Asian votes
Lu, Fan, [email protected], Queen’s University (Canada)
Anti-Black Prejudice and Asian American Public Opinion
Tokeshi, Matthew, [email protected], Williams College
Asian American Mobilization: The Effect of Co-Ethnic Candidates on Asian American Turnout
Sadhwani, Sara, [email protected], California Lutheran University
Asian American Political Activism: Mobilizing Group Identities
Merseth, Julie Lee, [email protected], Northwestern University
Panel :30.3 -Introducing Asian Pacific American Politics—Celebrating the Scholarly Legacy of Don T. Nakanishi
Date :Friday, April 10, 01:15PM – 03:00PM
Chair(s) :Aoki, Andrew, [email protected], Augsburg University
Lien, Pei-te, [email protected], University of California, Santa Barbara
Daus, Gem P. – [email protected], University of Maryland
Lee, Charles – [email protected], Arizona State University
Phillips, Christian D. – [email protected], University of Southern California
Raychaudhuri, Tanika – [email protected], University of Pennsylvania
Watanabe, Paul – [email protected], University of Massachusetts Boston
de Leon, Erwin S. – [email protected], Columbia University


Panel :30.4 -Asian American Politics in Greater Los Angeles
Date :Friday, April 10, 03:15PM – 05:00PM
Discussant(s):TBA & Phillips, Christian D. – [email protected], University of Southern California

Image Source: Kevin McGovern / Shutterstock.com

[1] Bash, Dana, Nolan, Bridget, Black, Nelli and DiCarlo, Patricia. January 17, 2020. CNN.com. “Exclusive: Evelyn Yang reveals she was sexually assaulted by her OB-GYN while pregnant.” Retrieved from https://www.cnn.com/2020/01/16/politics/evelyn-yang-interview-assault/index.html



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