Dear IGGI Supporters:

It has been a little over a year since we launched the Institute for Good Government and Inclusion, a new public policy think tank advancing good government (respect for persons, the rule of law, transparency in government and democratic inclusion) through research and education. I’m excited to write that since we launched, we have published two collaborative pieces that represent solid contributions to our mission and will hopefully reach the right audiences.

In the domains of respect for persons, transparency in government and the rule of law, we published:

Le, Loan & Moua, Maitria (2015). “Civilian Oversight and Developments in Less Lethal Technologies: Weighing Risks and Prioritizing Accountability in Domestic Law Enforcement.” Seattle Journal for Social Justice 14(1): 101-144.

In the domain of democratic inclusion, we published:

Le, Loan. K., & Su, Phi. H. (2016). Vietnamese Americans and Electoral Participation. In K. L. Kreider & T. J. Baldino (Eds.), Minority Voting in the United States, (pp. 349-368), Santa Barbara: Praeger Press.

We also launched a number of new projects including:
(1) Sexual Harassment & Assault in the Military
(2) Conflicts of Interest & Medical School Faculty
(3) Teaching Critical Thinking on Controversial Issues
(4) False Reports to Police & American Lives

As you may know, critically evaluating controversial topics using rigorous methodological approaches is important because many key issues are understudied by scholars and underreported in the media and yet a clear, incisive understanding is central to good policymaking. Each of these issues broadly and deeply affects the lives of everyday Americans. If you would like to support IGGI’s mission and work, please visit and click “Donate Now” on the menu or click on the top left button on this post.

IGGI is a publicly supported nonprofit organization (our 501(c)(3) status is pending) and we appreciate every generous contribution to the good work that we do.

Best wishes,

Dr. Loan Le
Institute for Good Government and Inclusion

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