Dear IGGI Community:

IGGI announces 5 scholarships of $100 each to the winners of an essay contest on the meaning of “American Patriotism.”

Application Due Date
April 8, 2024

All students enrolled in a degree program and attending a U.S. high school and/or a U.S. college or university (including undergraduate and graduate students) are eligible to apply. Note, however, that relatives of members of the selection committee, or of IGGI’s officers, directors, or substantial contributors are not eligible for awards.

In 1000 words or less, please write an essay on the following TOPIC:
As we struggle for social justice, equal rights and good government, what does American patriotism mean to you in contemporary United States? In your essay, be sure to consider patriotism from your perspective on the proper roles of electeds and public servants working in government; patriotism with regard to (non-public servant) Americans; and how you manifest patriotism.

Please upload your essay and enter other applicant information here.

Good luck, everyone!

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